Dec 14, 2021 • 28M

Conversation: Marketing Bubbles and Dark Funnels with Tara Robertson

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Kamil Rextin
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In the episode, we chat with Tara Robertson, Demand Generation Manager at Chili Piper, about attribution and how complex it has become. We also discuss how jumping into the new marketing trends and getting over the gated content accessible via email is crucial for companies today.

  • Attribution - and how tracking everything may not be possible (and why that is not necessarily bad).

  • How to qualify leads (and why lead scoring is not always the right way to go).

  • What to do with all of the leads that interact with your product but are not ready to buy.

  • Why does talking to people who do not have high intent make sense for demand generation?

  • Should SDRs be part of the sales of the marketing team?

  • Market saturation and branding vs. building up the funnel?

  • The marketing bubble and why marketers need to go outside the bubble to focus on their product.

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