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Conversation: Brand Marketing for B2B SaaS by Amrita Gurney

Conversation: Brand Marketing for B2B SaaS by Amrita Gurney

In this episode, we chat with Amrita Gurney, Head of Marketing at Float. Among the many subjects we touch upon, we thoroughly discuss the tension of brand and performance to drive recognition and revenue. Marketing departments and functions are evolving, and as Amrita argues, brand+performance is a much better equation than brand vs. performance.

Some of the topics we discuss are:

- What is Amrita currently doing at Float. (1:25)
- The Coinbase ad and the importance of brand marketing. (4:10)
- Salesforce ad in the Superbowl. (6:30)
- Superbowl mass-market advertising and how it works for brands. (8:15)
- Positioning and brand in B2B SaaS. (14:15)
- The link between brand and product marketing. (17:10)
- How to balance brand and long-term goals vs. direct response efforts and short-term goals. (18:30)
- Brand and demand. (21:00)
- Shopify and its branding strategy. (23:00)
- Product marketing is more than functional stories. (25:50)
- What do marketers get wrong? (26:35)
- Building personal brands vs. a company´s brand. (28:00)
- Attribution and why do marketers get it wrong. (30:30)

We hope you enjoy it!

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