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Conversation: Intent data with Tukan Das

Conversation: Intent data with Tukan Das

In this episode, we chat with Tukan Das, CEO at LeadSift. We discuss intent, what works and what does not with intent data, and his overall experience and journey as an entrepreneur.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Leadsift and the way they pivoted to an exit. (1:00)

  • The untold story of Leadsift and how $10.83 is a symbolic number for them (3:05)

  • What is next for LeadSift? (6:20)

  • What is data intent? And why is it more than you may think? (10:30)

  • Why first-party intent is also relevant when you think about the category (14:10)

  • Intent leads and how warm are they (15:50)

  • Intent is not a silver bullet (18:10)

  • Other ways to think and measure intent (20:00)

  • Customer churn and why inaction of the data is the main problem with intent (23:00)

  • Intent by itself will not work (25:50)

We hope you enjoy it!

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