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Conversation: Bottoms-up marketing with Stella Garber

Conversation: Bottoms-up marketing with Stella Garber

In this episode, we chat with Stella Garber, former Head of Marketing at Trello. This episode is fantastic to learn more about bottoms-up adoption, what worked for Trello, what changed when Atlassian acquired them, and how Stella led the team to build a fantastic product.

  • Why is messaging important in marketing strategies? And how did Trello manage to become such a horizontal product? (4:30)

  • The importance of focusing your marketing strategy on verticals. (8:00)

  • How did Trello monetize with their bottoms-up strategy? (10:10)

  • Brand vs. Demand at Trello? (12:40)

  • Content at Trello (14:00)

  • Acquisition by Atlassian and what changed (16:30)

  • How did the marketing team at Trello operate (18:50)

  • Blockchain, NFTs, and new tech (20:30)

  • Stella´s experience as an investor/advisor (25:50)

  • What is the one thing people get wrong about marketing (26:30)

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