Feb 24, 2022 • 38M

Conversation: Financial KPIs and Marketing with Dave Bunce

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Kamil Rextin
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In this episode, we chat with Dave Bunce, CEO at Morphio. Among the many subjects we touch upon, we discuss the importance of understanding financial metrics as a marketer. Making sense of attribution in the ad-blocker scenario and how an agency business differs from a SaaS business.  


- A little bit of the early days of his work at Arcane. (0:15)
- The moment he joined the Arcane team. (3:25)
- The importance of delegation for agencies. (5:35)
- The importance of getting the structures for growth in place when you are small. (7:20)
- The moment they started building Morphio. (9:25)
- Operating profit on Arcane to fund Morphio. (11:25)
- The importance of separating the agency business from the product business. (15:40)
- Financial metrics marketers should 100% keep in mind (24:20)
- The attribution dilemma. (34:00)

We hope you enjoy it!

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