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Conversation: In-depth ABM with Dave Rigotti.

Conversation: In-depth ABM with Dave Rigotti.

In this episode, we chat with Dave Rigotti, Co-founder, and CEO at We discuss how he moved from Microsoft to the startup world, pipeline marketing, attribution, ABM, and PLG. We also cover his experience leading the Community - a great place to learn about PLG playbooks.  Some of the topics we discuss: Pipeline marketing. (2:40) Media companies and community. (4:30) How have his views on attribution evolved? (6:50) Marketing from the MadMen era to the DataDriven era. (8:40) Marketo buying Visible. (11:10) What is ABM? (14:40) How did the BDR team work at Visible? (16:40) The importance of better lists to do ABM. (18:00) Direct mail, cupcakes, and chocolates. (19:40) Dave´s favorite ABM campaign. (22:10) Billboards in ABM campaigns. (24:50) How to measure brand awareness in ABM? (27:25) Is attribution brand awareness? (30:25) Dave´s journey from Marketo to Adobe to (32:40) Product-led models. (35:30) The Community. (38:10) We hope you enjoy it! --- Send in a voice message: