Apr 12, 2022 • 41M

Conversation: Marketing functions and frameworks with Emily Kramer

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From war to climate change, from Ukraine to Yemen, different parts of the world are hurting right now. 42 Agency is asking our community to consider donating to registered charities that help those affected by these unfortunate current events (Red Cross Canada, UNICEF, etc.)

In this episode, we chat with Emily Kramer, the co-founder at MKT1. Among the many subjects we touch upon, we discuss the fine line between free being "too good" or "useless," how looking at category leaders for inspiration may not be the best for early-stage startups, her transition from operator to consultant, and much more.

  • Emily's time in Asana back in 2013. (1:00)

  • Features vs. Benefits. (3:50)

  • Asana going upmarket. (7:10)

  • Free to paid, packaging, and the importance of triggers. (9:00)

  • The fine line between free being "too good" or "useless" (11:10)

  • The relationship between marketing and product. (13:30)

  • Emily's experience at Carta (17:00)

  • Her transition from operator to angel consultant. (24:03)

  • Her newsletter and her writing process. (32:50)

  • Top 5 marketing pet peeves. (35:18)

  • Brand vs. Performance Marketing. (37:40)

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