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Conversation: Communication and Communities with Janessa Lantz

Conversation: Communication and Communities with Janessa Lantz

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In this episode, we chat with Janessa Lantz, VP of Marketing at dbt Labs. Among the many subjects we touch upon, we discuss the importance of understanding communications and their role for organizations. We also discuss several GTM approaches: community-led, product-led, and much more—a fantastic episode to learn more about how to strategize and harmonize your marketing and communication efforts.


  • Her career and some of the things she has learned along the way. (1:30)

  • What are communications? And what do people get wrong about them?. (5:25)

  • The relationship between PR and brand. (9:40)

  • How to balance customer acquisition. (13:30)

  • How the PLG commercial motion works at dbt Labs. (15:45)

  • The importance of community for dbt's GTM strategy. (17:50)

  • How to properly manage communities. (21:00)

  • Community dept and Marketing dept. (22:40)

  • Why pushing communities does not work and might hurt your brand. (25:00)

  • How does their GTM change as a result of marketing to developers? (32:00)

We hope you enjoy it.

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