Jan 10, 2022 • 38M

Conversation: All about Demand Gen with Jillian Dixon

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Kamil Rextin
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In this episode we chat with Jillian Dixon, Director of Demand Generation at Sprout Social, about Marketing Ops.

We discuss attribution, brand vs. performance, managing revenue teams, product-led growth, and the fallacy of "dead" things in marketing, among other subjects.

  • Brand vs. Performance. (2:10)

  • Sales and marketing and the lead scoring process at Sprout Social. (4:05)

  • Lead scoring model at Sprout Social. (7:00)

  • Are MQLs dead? (8:50)

  • Brand and Performance teams at Sprout Social. (12:10)

  • Trial funnel vs. Sales funnel and how to balance them. (15:40)

  • What does attribution look like at Sprout Social? (17:40)

  • How going public changed marketing at Sprout Social. (19:10)

  • Controversial marketing conversations on socials (20:35)

  • Sprout Social's evolution from self-service to outbound efforts. (23:40)

  • Conversational forms and why forms might be enough. (26:35)

  • What is the actual job of marketers? (30:30)

  • Is ABM a buzzword? (32:30)

  • What is Product-led growth? Does it make sense? (35:30)

We hope you enjoy it!

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