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Conversation: All about Demand Gen with Jillian Dixon

Conversation: All about Demand Gen with Jillian Dixon

In this episode we chat with Jillian Dixon, Director of Demand Generation at Sprout Social, about Marketing Ops.

We discuss attribution, brand vs. performance, managing revenue teams, product-led growth, and the fallacy of "dead" things in marketing, among other subjects.

  • Brand vs. Performance. (2:10)

  • Sales and marketing and the lead scoring process at Sprout Social. (4:05)

  • Lead scoring model at Sprout Social. (7:00)

  • Are MQLs dead? (8:50)

  • Brand and Performance teams at Sprout Social. (12:10)

  • Trial funnel vs. Sales funnel and how to balance them. (15:40)

  • What does attribution look like at Sprout Social? (17:40)

  • How going public changed marketing at Sprout Social. (19:10)

  • Controversial marketing conversations on socials (20:35)

  • Sprout Social's evolution from self-service to outbound efforts. (23:40)

  • Conversational forms and why forms might be enough. (26:35)

  • What is the actual job of marketers? (30:30)

  • Is ABM a buzzword? (32:30)

  • What is Product-led growth? Does it make sense? (35:30)

We hope you enjoy it!

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