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Ep04 Demand Generation | LeadSift | Webinar Audio

Ep04 Demand Generation | LeadSift | Webinar Audio

This is the audio of a webinar I did with LeadSift. LeadSift is an intent data solution for B2B companies to uncover their 'hidden' funnel. 

You can watch the full webinar or download the slides

If marketing were easy, you wouldn’t be reading this text. Lead  generation requires a delicate mix of technology, strategy, and  techniques – all in equal balance.   If you tilt the scales, you make no sales.   In this webinar, Kamil and Tukan put forth a reliable recipe and  easy to replicate strategy that will lead even the most casual marketing  professional to the demand promised land.    

In this this webinar you will learn

  •  Key technologies to use in your marketing stack 

  • The most effective channels for lead generation 

  • Best practices and common mistakes to avoid 

  • Measurement, reporting, and proving ROI 

  • Passing qualified leads to sales more efficiently 

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