Mar 17, 2019 • 48M

Ep02 - Technical SEO | TOFU vs BOFU Content | LTV vs payback period

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Kamil Rextin
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⚡️ On this episode -  Do you check your SERP for SEO. Can Google Crawl Javascript? Should you be creating top of funnel content or focus on bottom of the funnel first? When do you start measuring LTV or should you even measure LTV if you haven't been in business long enough. Measure payback period instead. Is Google doing another algorithm Update? Comments and feedback - please send a note to On this episode:  - Jess Joyce (Jess Joyce SEO Consultant) - Asia Matos (Demand Maven) - Kamil Rextin (42 Agency) Presented by: 42 Agency - micro demand generation | performance marketing &  operations studio for B2B SaaS Companies. --- Send in a voice message: