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Ep01 Category Creation | Quality Content | Brand Risks

Ep01 Category Creation | Quality Content | Brand Risks

⚡️ What defines a new category in B2B SaaS? Is there any such thing as a new category or does every new product simply add on top of existing behaviors. A lot of companies are trying to create new categories of software but we think they are actually create a niche within an existing category.

What defines quality content? How do you measure it?

Why are brands afraid to take risks? Is marketing becoming too analytical that we're losing the creative side?

Podcast notes

This this episode: 

- Corey Haines (Baremetrics)

- Josh Spilker (ClickUp)

- Saul Colt (Idea Generation Company)

- Kamil Rextin (42 Agency)

Presented by: 42 Agency - micro demand generation | performance marketing &  operations studio for B2B SaaS Companies.

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