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Conversation: Performance vs. Brand with Rob Sobers.

Conversation: Performance vs. Brand with Rob Sobers.

In the episode, we chat with Rob Sobers, VP of marketing at Varonis. We discuss high-level marketing strategies, funnels, content, PLG, brand vs. performance, and a lot more.

Listen to this ep if you want to learn more about:

  • Why do the traditional marketing funnels still work today?

  • The importance of understanding your ICP and how to reach them.

  • Brand vs. Demand - and why doing both is probably the best route.

  • Showing up where your potential buyers are and providing value is key for growth. (This might not even be online).

  • Being careful in tracking digital behavior is critical for attribution systems.

  • Funnels are messy on enterprise clients and mature markets / the importance of post-purchase service.

  • Product-led growth. Is it a reinvention of freemium?

  • Why picking fights with the status quo is better than picking fights with your competitors.

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