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In a world that increasingly sacrifices quality and where everything feels like a remix, we write thought-provoking original essays rethinking our journey in the B2B SaaS marketing space.

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Kamil Rextin

CEO 42 Agency + something something something

Vikash Koushik

Marketer. Previously Zepel (acq) & Ally (acq). Constitutionally incapable of walking past a dog without petting him.


Demand Gen and MOPS

Osman Sheikhnureldin

In pursuit of curiosity.

Jon Itkin

Product marketer. Former agency guy. Currently Director of Product Marketing at CTD.ai. Formerly a collaborator with tech companies great and small, from MANGA to early-stage startups.

Laura (Kavanagh) Sigurdson

Growth Marketing Manager @ Wave

Vic Davis

Building the future of customer engagement and growth automation @ inflection.io

Sebastian Cuervo

Antidisciplinary Human - Focused on the intersection of technologies, culture, and foresight. I write. @SebastianC3po on Twitter

Alejandra Céspedes

When I was 6 years old I ran away from home, I only took a pencil and a paper to draw a house to live in. Art director in the happiest place: 42 Agency.

Kathryn Dee

A generalist currently applying a passion for data analysis and narrative to B2B marketing insights. Has a lifelong interest in the theories behind creative output.

Adrienne Barnes

I'm a market researcher for b2b SaaS companies. I help you identify your buyers, audience, and competitors so you can grow.

Michael Lorenzos

I blog about Performance Marketing & Growth. DTC, Fintech, SaaS, you name it.

Minami Rojas

Head of Growth at Endgame and lover of all things GTM strategy

Ronnie Higgins

👋 I'm Ronnie. I've built content marketing operations for brands like Hopin, Eventbrite, Udemy, Dovetail, and now OpenPhone using my background in film and broadcast television.

Jess Joyce

Internet resident who loves music + the Simpsons.