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In a world that increasingly sacrifices quality and where everything feels like a remix, we write thought-provoking original essays rethinking our journey in the B2B SaaS marketing space.

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Kamil Rextin

CEO 42 Agency and dad of 2

Vikash Koushik

Marketer. Previously Zepel (acq) & Ally (acq). Constitutionally incapable of walking past a dog without petting him.


Demand Gen and MOPS

Sebastian Cuervo

Antidisciplinary Human - Focused on the intersection of technologies, culture, and foresight. I write. @SebastianC3po on Twitter

Alejandra Céspedes

When I was 6 years old I ran away from home, I only took a pencil and a paper to draw a house to live in. Art director in the happiest place: 42 Agency.

Laura (Kavanagh) Sigurdson

Growth Marketing Manager @ Wave